How to enjoy

Exploring the city in a tasteful jinrikisha

When you’re traveling or playing, “Where shall we go? Have you ever been troubled by AGEHAYA is the place to go.
A rickshaw driver from Kagoshima will take you around the town and show you the sights. They may also introduce you to hidden sightseeing spots that are not published in magazines.
There is also a wealth of information on stores and restaurants, so you will definitely be able to see the sights efficiently.

Jinrikisya Ride

The speed of the jinrikisha is more than a walk and less than a bicycle, and it has a comfortable speed and sway. You don’t have to walk around with heavy luggage, and you can get around the sights slowly. You can avoid the hot sun in the summer and keep warm in the winter with a warm blanket to keep you warm.

View from a jinrikisha

Since the line of sight from the jinrikisha is high, you can enjoy a view that you have never seen before. Even if you’ve visited the city before, you’ll see it in a different light. You can also see the other side of the city by taking paths that are not accessible by car. This is one of the charms of the jinrikisha, which allows you to see the city in a different light.

Enjoy the Season

The scenery of the city changes with the seasons. Because he is a jinrikisha driver born and raised in Kagoshima, he is able to introduce attractive spots according to the seasons. We hope you will enjoy the seasonal changes in Kagoshima.

Photography at the sights

If you leave your cell phone and camera in AGEHAYA’s hands, a jinrikisha driver will take your picture. Of course, it is also possible to take pictures with a jinrikisha. Let’s make your trip a memorable one.

Once you get off the jinrikisha

The jinrikisha driver will of course support you after you get off the rickshaw.
Ask him/her how to get to tourist attractions in the area, recommended food and souvenirs, where to use the restroom, and more. Even if you cannot use the rickshaw, we will gladly provide you with directions.

Enjoy the weather

It is not uncommon to see rain and ashes suddenly start to fall in Kagoshima, but bad weather is an inevitable part of travel. However, it is not easy to change the schedule, and AGEHAYA is prepared for such bad weather. Please enjoy the weather as a feature of the city.

For special effects

We can help you with birthdays, anniversaries, surprises and other important events. Of course, we can also be used for proposals and weddings. Please feel free to contact us for more information.